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Managers, directors and shareholders all have a growing need for guidance and support in order to make a success of today’s increasingly complex transactions.

The team at Claris Avocats with its renowned technical expertise, detailed knowledge of market practices and global understanding of their clients' strategic and operational challenges provides targeted, tailor-made advice.

Intent on providing a top-quality service, the entire team shares common values: high standards and excellence, commitment and independence, and a unique blend of soft skills and know-how.

Claris Avocats

l’art & la manière

Our areas of expertise

Management package

• Legal and tax structuring •
• Negotiation and implementation of shareholders' agreements •
• Follow-up and renegotiation during the LBO (extraordinary financial transactions, managing underperformance) •
• Support on exit (LBO, MBO, IPO, industrial sale) •
• Wealth and estate planning •
• Support for directors in the event of a tax audit •


• Designing governance schemes •
• Negotiating terms relating to directors’ corporate office •
• Structuring directors’ compensation package •
• Negotiating agreements relating to the departure of directors and succession plans •
• Managing crisis/conflict relating to disputes between directors and shareholders •

Mergers & Acquisitions / LBO-MBO

• High-level due diligence: pre-acquisition, disposal or in connection with fundraising •
• Negotiation of agreements relating to the sale or acquisition of securities or assets •
• Support on fundraising •
• Organisation of relations between shareholders •
• Post-acquisition litigation •

Employee ownership

• Mapping and selection of appropriate mechanisms (free shares, employee warrants, phantom shares, ...) •
• Design of the equity incentive plan •
• Drafting of the legal documentation •
• Implementation follow-up •


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